Using my Photographs

General Use of Images

In general, you can share anything you like on this site via Facebook, Twitter or other social media on the condition that you provide a credit and link back here. If you use the social media links on the page, or supply the URL in your post, that will happen anyway.

If you’re looking to buy or use any my shots for promotional or commercial purposes (including promoting your band, event or pub) then take a look over on my personal site for a guide to usage.

If I’ve taken your photograph and you’d like to use the image then this page should answer your questions. If you’d like a picture of yourself removed then please let me know right away.

Some images are not available for use and are either not for sale, or are priced independently. Still others are licensed exclusively through one of our agents:, 500px or Society 6. In these cases the photographs are watermarked and should not be used without permission.